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American Institute of Holistic Theology
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Authentic Living Radio with Andrea Mathews

Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow by AIHT graduate, Sonia Choquette

Explore, Dream, Discover, Transform

AIHT offers an inspirational education you can trust, by bringing world-renowned authors and spiritual leaders to you. Whether you hope to transform and nurture your own life or use your education to minister to and serve others. AIHT's interfaith, inter-spiritual, integral perspective bridges the gaps between religions, faith, and spiritual paths. Our extensive coursework includes degree programs in Holistic Theology, Holistic Ministries, Holistic Health, Metaphysics, and Parapsychology allowing you the opportunity to earn a Ministerial Bachelor's, Master's, ThD, DMin, or PhD. We also offer an Ordination program, and CEU credit.

Bridging the gap between religions, faith, and spiritual paths by offering an interfaith/integrated approach to the study of the divine.

Bestselling author and AIHT adjunct Faculty member Jonathan Ellerby speaks on Holistic Theology.

What You Can Expect From the AIHT Experience
  • An interfaith/integrated approach to the study of the Divine including the mystical core of all faiths, spiritual traditions, and paths.
  • A home study approach using texts written by world renowned authors and spiritual leaders.
  • Practical information with the goal of reaching your own dream fulfillment.
  • Affordability through flexibility with the option to pay as you go.
  • Self-selected coursework through a degree program that best suits your needs.
  • Spiritual transformation through the growth of a perspective that includes and embraces all religions and move beyond to a deeply felt spirituality.
  • Conscious raising experiences.
  • The education necessary to solidify a career in an area that truly fulfills.
Interfaith Collage
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