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AIHT Admissions

At American Institute of Holistic Theology, our students come from around the world. They are typically adult students, with or without prior college experience, who are motivated by taking an active role in their own learning environment.

AIHT currently has more than 4,600 students and alumni, whose goals include pursuing a lifestyle in harmony with their spirituality, human health and nature. Our unique curricula emphasize spiritual health and wholeness. Many of our graduates use their training to help others in their quest for inner peace and harmony — both in their own life, and in their relationships with others.

For many adult students who either work full-time for an employer, manage their household and care for children, or who are self-employed, the distance-learning format is nothing short of a godsend. Our students and alumni often tell us that distance-learning offered the only solution in furthering their educations, to prepare them for future opportunities.

Through AIHT, the student can work at home, whether his or her “prime time” is at noon, 6 p.m. or even 2 a.m. They can ask questions and receive answers by e-mail, or they can call and speak to a faculty expert during the typical workday, Monday through Friday. We are not aware of any traditional college or university, anywhere, that can offer the faculty availability that AIHT provides.

Here, students also work at their own pace. Complete your tests and course assignments during your own peak time — AIHT knows that each student is different, and our programs encourage all to succeed.

To learn more about AIHT and how to become a student, please contact an admissions advisor by telephone at 1-800-949-4325, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday. You may also reach an admissions advisor via e-mail. AIHT advisors are here to describe our educational opportunities and answer your questions.

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