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Hawaiian Healing: A Call to the Soul

Hawaiian Healing—an Interview with Wm. “Pila” Chiles, Essene Master, Philosopher, Healer, Author, Therapist, NLP Trainer
An interview with Wm. “Pila” Chiles by Gail Coffey, CEO, SharingWellnessInfo.com and B.S. in Healtheology from AIHT


Pila is a Vietnamese War combat survivor of an experimental program in Marine Guerilla Warfare. The Purple Heart is among his distinguished service medals. “After being wounded in action, I returned from Vietnam ending up in the Camp Pendleton U.S. Naval Hospital mental ward in a straight jacket with my teeth wired shut,” Pila said. “That’ll give you the nutshell on the decades of therapy that followed.” Traditional modalities, including psychiatry were totally ineffective,” Pila informed me. “Especially for one who was considered at one time to be the New York V.A. Hospital ‘poster boy for PTSD’ (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).”


The old psychotherapy approach, Pila asserts, has a focus based entirely upon the problem. “That focus, I quickly learned, only amplifies the problem! There is a thin line between elicitation and ‘re-installation.’ In other words, ‘reliving’ the trauma not only doesn’t heal it, it’s dangerous to your health!” And, apparently the therapist’s, as well. Pila jokingly reflected on his turning point when his noted Beverly Hills psychiatrist actually tucked tail out of his office window onto the rooftop at what happened during Pila’s session. The noted physician had had a patient commit suicide the week before, Pila later discovered.

“What I learned from that session is simple Marine combat training savvy. Doesn’t it make horse sense to find where the grenade or booby trap is located and defuse it, rather than throwing yourself on the damn thing over and over again?! The traditional psychological sciences approach amounts to little more than ‘diddling with pins and triggers.’ As far as I’m concerned, it’s premised entirely wrong. To make a very long personal story short, I had to discover and perfect my own, more effective healing modalities in order to even walk and chew gum...function again, while ‘milking all the traditional goats’ along the way. And, as Gurdjieff would have said, “making my own butter and cheese in the process.”

Pila eventually found his way to the Big Island of Hawaii and discovered his ability to both speak and understand the Hawaiian language. More details about his journey between traditional psychiatry and how he got to the Big Island are in his book, The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii. His book has a 5 star Amazon and Barnes & Noble rating for over 13 years, is now available in 8 countries, and available in German. The book is in the University of Hawaii Archives, the Hawaii Public Library System, and was recently honored by the International Theosophical Society by being inducted into their archive, along with the new interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. One of the most startling pieces of information I found in his book was the correlation he has made between the locations of the Hawaiian islands and our chakras. As a frequent visitor to Hawaii, I was already well aware of the different energies of each island so when I saw his diagram and text showing the mapping of Ni’ihau to our crown chakra, Kaua’i (home of the amethyst) to our third eye chakra, Oahu to our throat chakra, Moloka’i to our heart chakra, Lana’i to our solar plexus, [Kaho’olawe to our spleen energies], Maui to our sexual chakra, and the Big Island [home of Pele and lots of volcanic activity] to our root chakra. See the book for his beautiful descriptions of the islands as they relate to our chakras and for a description of how he intuited ley lines and how they led him to and informed him about power centers.

Hawaii Tourism for the Human Spirit, and a New Dimension of Healing

If you haven’t made your personal Hawaii connection but have always wanted to travel to the islands, this article may explain a bit about why people from all over our world are making a different level of tourist connection to the islands our world knows as Paradise. Gallop polls place Hawaii as the # 1 most desired destination, even in communist countries and by others who have never dreamed of having the resources to go there (68% of those polled worldwide).

Pila says, “There is more to the secret of why Hawaii is the ‘living, physical symbol’ of what the human soul yearns for. As for the linear ‘sand and palm trees’ understanding of that yearning, the closest runner up—the Bahamas—wasn’t even close.at 14%.” 

Pila contends that Hawaii holds “a key to our human puzzle” and has a greater destiny, that it’s more than just a tourist destination and an escape for the rich and famous...

“The true, higher Destiny of Hawaii is to become a ‘lighthouse unto our troubled world,’ in this our most defining moment of greatest change in all history.” — Pila


Pila said his own real clues to transformational breakthrough began to surface in a new look at the Ancient Hawaiian healing modality he refers to as the “school” of Huna and a “department” some know as Ho’oponopono. “One of the seven levels of meaning for the word Huna is ‘hidden secret’,” he says, “another level ‘holds the clue to the clue’, literally interpreted as ‘the eleventh night of the month’...having to do with the eleventh hour before midnight, and the ‘turning of the energy before enlightenment (dawn)’. It sounds mysterious. I’m always accused of being the esoteric riddle-man, but the wisdom is quite simple in its profundity...sometimes to the point of whiplash, ha!” “Ho’oponopono”, he said, “can be translated in one of his seven new levels of Hawaiian understanding, as ‘making whole the conflicted parts of you’...‘putting you back in order’, and in that reintegration ‘be ye completely transformed anew’.” (See www.sharingwellnessinfo.com/modality_results.php for more on pono.)

“You’re one of the few who has actually worked personally with genuine Kahunas, Gail,” he reminded me, “enough to sense the magnitude and feel your ‘chickenskin.’ You know of what I speak.”

NLP & Hawaiian Healing

As Pila researched the Ancient Hawaiian modalities through the 80s, word traveled of his work and his phenomenal healings, and he was soon contacted by those in the emerging new field of Neurolinguistics (NLP). “Word-of-mouth press was so good, they thought I was Hawaiian,” Pila said. “Even though it was tough at times, financially, I want everyone out there to know that I have never referred to myself as a Kahuna. It’s an honor when a blood Hawaiian calls me that, but I do not claim it as a title and hope only that it will one day be openly reclaimed by the Hawaiian People...and not stolen, like everything else has been. The power-trip travesties that have occurred anger me. One famous author actually caused the death of a Hawaiian in playing such ego games.

“As Uncle George Lanakilakekia’iali’i Naope, Hawaii’s “living golden treasure,” once told me, “The missionaries started it. They came here and taught us to close our eyes, bow our heads in shame and pray. And when we opened our eyes, our land was gone.””

Pila closed this line of thought with, “That pretty well sums it up so far. Western man, the conqueror. What the world needs to consider now, in what Bucky Fuller referred to as ‘our critical path’ is that Hawaiians and the Hawaiian culture and ancient knowledge have something much more precious than real estate to share with the world—something few Hawaiians today even realize, but “still the magic follows them around like a butterfly.” 

“One of my great blessings is to be able to tell them about it, the true power of their own legacy. It is a gift of wisdom and principles that have remnants and missing pieces in all tribal cultures around the world...identified tribally as those peoples who never aspired technologically...those who have remained close to our Earth Mother—close in the ‘simple reverence’ and appreciation of the things in life that truly matter. Legend calls them the tribes of Mu. I believe the tribes each have a missing remnant of this great mystery humankind desperately needs in its evolution ‘of the dream’ and our spiritual search for meaning. They have a wisdom and practice that could not only mean our healing of this planet, but perhaps our very salvation.”

“NLP, the study of how thought affects/effects neurology may be the ‘intellectual tip’ of the ‘ice-berg’ of this ‘rediscovery.’ I’ve never belonged to any club that would have me as a member, as Groucho once put it, so my actual research as an NLP Trainer has taken me in a different direction with the Hawaiian understanding. I refer to my work in this arena as “NLD” Neuro-Linguistic DEprogramming... based on the simple Hawaiian analogy of our ‘bowl of light.’ Our journey of life may add rocks to our bowl, meaning that our lessons and tribulations in life, sometimes reach the point of blocking out our light. All we need to do to reclaim our light is ‘tip the bowl.’ In computer lingo, the Ancient Hawaiian understanding of disease and ailment amounts to little more than locating and repairing a ‘software glitch.’ Rather than ‘healing,’ the entire premise of Ho’oponopono is ‘clarification.’ Ancient chants, apparently pre-dating what was considered Hawaiian (Polynesian) origin, indicate that the body has a ‘blueprint’, when accessed instantly causes wholeness—better translated from Hawaiian: “that which is less than whole or perfect is (instantly) ‘clarified.’ The legends even speak of missing limbs ‘reappearing whole.’”

Pila says we are now standing at the very threshold of our true Mind/body connection, and the stuff of Revelation, Disappearance, and Starseed Transmissions: “...thanks, finally, to a tiny little ‘bow of flexibility’ from our most rigid of institutions. I am referring to the recent Duke University announcement on behalf of the AMA.”

NBC prime time news ran the piece from Duke: “Treating symptomology is obsolete.”

“They almost got it right,” Pila says, “and indeed this could finally be our new beginning, and the swinging open of an ancient doorway.”

Pila on Earth Changes

When asked about the many Earth changes that are occurring now, Pila says, “There is something to it all, but never a full picture when seen through the eyes of fear. That one came to me with an out-of-body experience on the battlefield. It crossed my mind (and eyes) that perhaps even so-called devout prophets of deity weren’t seeing an entire picture. The fact is, even an earnest heart in a ‘flat world of only oxcart technology’ couldn’t make heads or tails of the L.A. Freeway at rush hour—in fact I still can’t!” he declares. “It isn’t the end of the world, guys and gals...earth abides. The only real problem we face is keeping the lights on, during this transition, even if there is a limited nuclear swap...forgive me, that last faux pas was my Marine talking.”

“What I’m trying to imply, at least from what I’ve seen, is that we’ll survive, even though boys will be boys. One of the great keys to that survival, by the way, is the empowerment of woman. Another: the sharing of information.”

Firefly University & Health Resort

In recent years, Pila has been focused on creating a vision that he had while in combat in Vietnam.  That vision is of a “new thought” university tied to tourism and health/wellness. His vision includes having no “gurus” as it is his view that this is a time for individuals to own their own power.

“The component of the dream (vision) which has remained my focus all these years, Gail, is what I’m attempting to do, in an isolated eco-resort theme, on the most isolated land mass in the world (that the world knows as Paradise). It is an activity so entirely new and in such a different direction entirely, that concerns of the old ‘dynasty’ (in it’s last, dying ‘Fall of Rome’ chapter) won’t even come to mind. I’m betting everything on the new adventure ‘turning our heads away from everything from video games to violence in movies,’ in the simple excitement of an experience so new, the first Mars landing won’t compare. It has to do with the real last frontier and our own 93% untapped brain resources (and the absolute premise of life, that has been until now, when you think about it, little more than ‘a penal colony death sentence’ with a “blind hope and fantasy wish of ‘something other’).” 

Pila is calling out to anyone who can help him in any way begin to build the “good business” of the university health retreat concept. His concept is embodied in the word “Firefly.” Further information and a forum link can be found on his web site: www.MysticalHawaii.com where you can also make a donation, get an Akashic Reading, or read more about Firefly Village.

To read more about Pila, also see www.sharingwellnessinfo.com/prdir_detail.php?recid=49171 where practitioners can have a free listing in the Practitioner Directory—just go to www.sharingwellnessinfo.com/new_freepractitioner.php?refresh=practitioner_directory.php and fill in the form.

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