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AIHT has included the study of the paranormal and the psychic in its holistic interfaith course of study, for we believe that addressing the nature of mystery is but another path to exploring the Divine.

Near death experience, paranormal phenomena, quantum healing, ancient tools for Divine guidance and the work of the Shaman will be studied for their rich tapestry of interwoven aspects of science, experience, mystery, and faith.

As we consider all the myriad ideas and ideals that we may know of and yet not truly understand, we make choices about whether we are going to lean toward or turn away from things that are unknown. For the student of interfaith studies, seeking connection with the unknown is yet another way to move closer to the depths of the mysteries of the universe.

This course of study responds to the eternal curiosity surrounding such questions as what happens after death; what makes up the non-corporeal world; and how one utilizes various psychic tools to access one’s own inner knowing. Relying on faith and science, you, as an explorer of alternate spiritual paths, will inquire into the secrets of the universe.

“Having received several theological degrees in traditional denominational institutions, I found AIHT to offer courses of study that stirred up convictions which were brewing in my heart. AIHT does not tell a student what to believe. The faculty and staff are eager to share and show paths to Higher Consciousness and support the student’s path and conviction. I found a deeper understanding and appreciation for other religious cultures and a valid challenge for my own culture and experience. The holistic approach to health and spirituality is refreshing and very helpful in my daily life.”

Jack Wilcox

— Reverend Jack Wilcox, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty and AIHT Alumnus


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