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Holistic Health
Ministerial Bachelor's
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Holistic Health

Seeking to bring unity to body, mind and soul, this course of study offers an in-depth understanding of many of the currently accepted alternative and integrative methods of healing and health. In the process you have the opportunity to develop your own personal and professional design for body/mind/spirit health as care of the soul.

With unity as a foundational premise of the interfaith perspective, then unity of body, mind and soul must also be considered to be part of this paradigm. Embodying the harmony of homeostatic balance of mind, body and soul is seen as a critical component of spirituality.

Healthy resilience builds on a strong, solid interdependence within the constituent parts of the whole person. Therefore, many of the holistic health approaches studied in this coursework offer diverse methodologies by which a person may attain optimal balance.

This course of study enables you to discover your own unique talents and gifts in this area, assisting you in choosing the ways and means of self-healing and service that are most appropriate to your abilities.

“I am proud to be part of AIHT, the school that changed my life. It is an honor (and even a mitzvah) to share the blessing and to provide guidance to other spiritual seekers.”

—Rabbi Marcia Theresa Kovner, J.D., D.D.
Adjunct Faculty and AIHT Alumna


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