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Holistic Theology

The Holistic Theology program embraces the unity of diversity with the intention of assisting you in discovering your own genuine experience of divinity, so that you may serve others and yourself in the grace of that experience.

This course of study is for those who wish to study theology from an integrated interfaith perspective. Through such study, the student can explore a wide variety of approaches and definitions of the Divine in order to more deeply explore one’s own spiritual dimension.

The coursework is designed to both immerse students in the history of humanity’s diverse experiences of the Divine, and assist them in asking universal questions of the heart and mind. Each course offers the depth and breadth that allows you the opportunity to study, in your own preferred setting, the ways and means of spirituality.

“One of the greatest truths that you will learn from AIHT is just how powerful you really are. It is your choice what world you live in, and by changing your mind you change your world.”

George Donnelly

— George Donnelly, D.C.
Adjunct Faculty

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