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Holistic Ministries
Holistic Ministries
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Holistic Ministries

With a host of inspiring opportunities for self-exploration, development and spiritual growth, this course of study addresses the practicalities of your chosen ministry. Ministry is seen as an all-encompassing service, impassioned and motivated by one’s own authentic spiritual quest.

Within that framework, the dual catalysts of self-development and compassionate service to others of all persuasions serve to facilitate your ability to build a pathway for ministry. Here you will study the various possibilities for service and ministry, enabling you to amplify and enrich the unique gifts you will bring to such service through confidence-building experiential exercises by which one may ultimately practice a given ministry.

As a holistic minister you may choose from a wide variety of career options to offer clients or congregants your own gifted approach to service. The coursework is specific enough to give you an in-depth understanding of a particular ministry, yet well-rounded enough to facilitate a thoughtful approach to truly understanding your own special gifts.

“The fundamental institutions of our society are changing dramatically—seeming to fall apart, and then coming back together in new and wondrous ways. Systems of education, government, business, medicine and religion are all in a state of dynamic transformation and AIHT is at the forefront in bringing them together in an understandable format—training leaders for the new society. It’s such a blessing to share in this important endeavor.”

Gerald Bartholow

In Memory: Reverend Gerald Bartholow
Adjunct Faculty


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