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AIHT Metaphysics
Ministerial Bachelor's
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Metaphysics is a foundational backdrop for any interfaith ministry. Metaphysics is an aspect of spirituality that concerns the study of the nature of being, existence, time, space, and causality. It bridges the gap between science and faith. By studying metaphysical spirituality you can explore the development and enrichment of your own philosophy of true being.

This coure of study assists you in understanding the mysteries of life from a perspective of underlying principle. As an interfaith initiative it includes research into the paradigms of structure, form, meaning, and principle.

If you want to know more about the nature of being, the nature of soul, the potentiality and/or causality of form, or if you simply want to come to a metaphysical understanding of scriptural texts, this program is for you.

“I earned degrees from two traditional Ivy League universities prior to discovering the fascinating programs at AIHT. Each step has prepared me for deeper understanding.

“For years I’ve been drawn to these metaphysical teachings of mysteries, miracles and truths that are believed in the heart, if not always easily explained. Einstein with quantum physics worked within known and unknown fields simultaneously. Certainly we rejoice at seeing these wonders explored, more and more, within the scientific community.

“I never know what is next. I just wait for the next surprise. My first surprise was AIHT.”

Frances Ward

— Francis W. Ward, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty and AIHT Alumna

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