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The mandala is an artistic design that devotees of meditation use for centering, focusing, and contemplation. Its almost interactive symbolism represents the precious relationship of one’s soul to the universe — from its introspective center whose numerous, colorful symbols radiate out in all directions, as if to infinity.

Each object within the mandala has significance as either a guiding principle or an aspect of wisdom. Many ancient religions treated mandalas as sacred objects and they are used today as a part of alternative therapy.

As you experience the beauty of the mandala through creating your own unique design or by coloring an ancient copy, let the colors and symbols open your soul to greater understanding, inward as well as outward — within as well as without.

Learn how to help yourself and others be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

American Institute of Holistic Theology offers interfaith degree programs in Holistic Theology through distance learning. AIHT’s Holistic Theology program is designed to encompass a vast philosophical sphere of diverse religious approaches and spiritual paths. The goal is to equip for excellence those who are committed to establishing or building an interfaith ministry as their vocation or avocation. AIHT offers a curriculum that helps you gain a deeper grasp and integration of interfaith theology. This curriculum focuses not only on building your knowledge base but also on developing abilities, skills and competencies in interfaith ministry.

The following concentrations are available to further integrate your personal and professional goals:

  • Holistic Theology — embraces the unity of diversity with the intention of assisting you in discovering your own genuine experience of divinity, so you may serve others and yourself in the grace of that experience. Courses include World Religions, Native American Spirituality, Jungian studies, A Course in Miracles, Transformative Spirituality, Ancient Faith and Healing, and Theosophy.
  • Holistic Ministries — with a host of inspiring opportunities for self-exploration, development, and spiritual growth, this concentration addresses the practicalities of your chosen ministry. Ministry is seen as an all-encompassing service, impassioned and motivated by one’s own authentic spiritual quest. Courses include Spiritual Development, Chaplaincy studies, Meditation, Family Dynamics, Healing Through Grief, and Relationship Skills.
  • Holistic Health and Spiritual Care — with unity as a foundational premise of the interfaith perspective, then unity of body, mind and soul must also be considered to be part of this paradigm. Embodying the harmony of homeostatic balance of mind, body and soul is seen as a critical component of spirituality. Courses include Stress Management, Natural Health, Nutritional Health, Mind/Body/Spirit Connection, Ayurveda, and Intuitive Healing.
  • Metaphysical Spirituality — metaphysics is an aspect of spirituality that concerns the study of the nature of being, existence, time, space, and causality. It bridges the gap between science and faith. Explore the development and enrichment of your own philosophy of true being. Courses include New Thought, Spiritual Renewal Through Past-life Regression, Eastern Thought-Chakra Balancing, Overview of Yoga, Interfaith Theology, and Divine Laws of Prosperity.
  • Alternative Spiritual Traditions — AIHT has included the study of the paranormal and the psychic in this holistic interfaith concentration. We believe that addressing the nature of mystery is but another path to exploring the Divine. Courses include The Study of Angels, A Study of Prophetic Gifts, Buddhism and Karmic Relationships, Ancient Tools for Divine Guidance, Shamanism, and Quantum Healing and Spirituality.

AIHT offers a curriculum that gives you, the student, the intellectual, spiritual, and practical stimulation to discover and develop a rewarding career. The career options in the field of interfaith ministry and holistic service are wide, varied, exciting, and rewarding. As you join in the process of self-discovery, you begin to create your own destiny.

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