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“I Chose AIHT”

Debra J. Snyder,
Doctoral graduate, 2008

What inspires me most about AIHT teachings is:
I was first drawn to AIHT for the diversity of its programs and the flexibility for the students. As a woman juggling both work and home responsibilities, I could delve into the deep waters of metaphysical philosophy and still live a life with my family. As I moved along in my program, every day seemed to deliver new insights and alternative approaches to facing my own life’s challenges. Their teachings offer opportunities and options for living a heart-centered life. Yes, it’s the heart of AIHT which inspires me the most.

The ways I incorporate these life lessons into my career and personal development include:
As an author, speaker and intuitive consultant, I use the knowledge I garnered at AIHT in all aspects of my work and private life. I don’t think I would have had the drive to do what I do without the strong foundation my education has provided me. I know I can walk into any setting and be a productive participant, open to ideas and willing to share the diverse philosophies I have studied. The networking opportunities with fellow AIHT graduates and current students has been extremely beneficial and I feel immensely grateful to be a part of the community.

In closing I would like to say:
Live from your heart. Make your every day be about living from the deepest, most authentic place within yourself. We each have our own unique, beautiful perspective of the Universe and we are each needed…as a vibrant, vital part of the Divine. When you are able to overcome ego’s stranglehold and can listen to your own heart’s wisdom, you will know bliss. You will know you are Love and can be anything you wish to be. Always...Stay in Love.

Deb Snyder, PhD is the author of Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart. For more information: www.heartglowparenting.com

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