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“I Chose AIHT”

Francesca Fortunato,
Bachelors graduate, 2009;
and Masters candidate

What inspires me most about AIHT teachings is:
I am inspired by the strong interfaith perspective of the AIHT curriculum, along with the emphasis on mysticism and mystery. AIHT, it seems to me, seeks not just to train students academically but to help them in the quest for spiritual development and deepening. I’m also inspired to witness the constant efforts, on the parts of AIHT staff and faculty, to keep the program dynamic; to prevent stagnation. The curriculum is always being adapted in response to new knowledge and perceived needs.

The ways I incorporate these life lessons into my career and personal development include:
As an Interfaith Minister and Orthodox Catholic priest, I am called to serve in diverse settings. My AIHT studies have given me knowledge that enables me to help people of different spiritual traditions, with confidence and a mind opened for ongoing learning. I have also found the healing emphasis of the AIHT curriculum especially helpful in my ministry, as I am often called to be a healer as well as a preacher, teacher and counselor. The spiritual healing techniques I’ve learned through my AIHT courses have helped me expand on my God-given healing gifts and be of greater service to people in physical or psycho-spiritual pain.

In closing I would like to say:
Pray. Learn. Pray some more. Live in the Divine Mystery with gratitude and awe. The Kingdom of God is, indeed, coming and is, indeed, already here. Play your part in this holy paradox by seeking what's hidden from you while revealing the secrets, hidden in your own heart, so others may find what they seek.

For more information: www.revfrancesca.com

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