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“I Chose AIHT”

Maria Peth,
Doctoral graduate, 2010

What inspires me most about AIHT teachings is:
From the moment I started the program, I have found the curriculum materials  from AIHT to inspire, support, and motivate change in myself and the way I view the world. Authors who know the universe and see beyond the scope of our human limitations have been my teachers and mentors in the Metaphysical program at AIHT. My intuitive and cognitive skills have been challenged and enriched. I am a better teacher, mentor, and person because of it.

The ways I incorporate these life lessons into my career and personal development include:
Applying my new found philosophies, strategies and awareness--in my individual sessions with clients, as a spiritual mentor and teacher in workshops/presentations and within the scope of my own life. Incorporating the lessons from A Course in Miracles has been a true gift in my personal and professional life. Applying the principles and methods from breath work, chakra balancing, sound nutritional teachings to smart business practice has been invaluable to me. I am a more confident teacher, writer, presenter, and healer due to my involvement with AIHT.

In closing I would like to say:
"Only Love is Real.” ~ A Course in Miracles
Focus on truly embracing the love within, nurture and honor your soul, your mind, your body with spirit and light. See that you are the change agent in the world and as you call on spirit to nurture and love yourself and others, love extends out and you heal the world

For more information: www.mariapeth.com

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