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“I Chose AIHT”

Raymont Anderson,
Doctoral graduate of Divinity, 2007;
and PhD graduate in Metaphysics, 2011

What inspires me most about AIHT teachings is:
First, someone who is very dear to my heart introduced me to these programs. I felt inspired by the range of coursework offered, and the self-paced format of independent study. My initial conversations with AIHT gave my intuition a giant nudge toward believing in and appreciating the faculty’s personable approach. This sense of the school’s passion and energy has remained true ever since; each interaction seems to deepen our connection.

The ways I incorporate these life lessons into my career and personal development include:
I know that I am a much more spiritual and holistic teacher, minister, interpreter, performer, visual artist and author because of AIHT. These teachings have changed my life in such a way that all areas of my life permeate with peace, compassion, wonder and understanding.

From my own experience of body/mind/spirit work and the understanding that each of us may raise our energetic imprint — individually and collectively — in closing I would like to say:
Remember what Gandhi said about changing the world: BE the change! Don’t just “do things” because this is an external approach. Instead “be” the very thing that you want to see.

When each of us, individually, is “being” that which we desire to see, that’s how and that’s when we will begin to SEE greater change everywhere we look. Want the world to be peaceful? Then be filled with peace. Want the world to be kinder? Then be kinder. Want the world to be full of abundance and happiness? Then be grateful for these. Focus on the good, and the good will focus on you. Namaste!

For more information: www.whenyoubelieve.org and www.thephoenixinstitutetransformyourlife.org

Raymont Anderson is author of the 2009 book, Visual Music: Interpreting Music with American Sign Language

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