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Maria Peth
Volume 12, Number 4
At the Source: "I am That"
The Rippling Waves of
Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  Andrea Mathews, D.D., L.P.C.
"Living Inside Out"
  George Donnelly, D.C.
Finding His Own Road to Wellville
  The Gift of an Exceptional Child
  Maria Peth
"Always Ask Your Angels"
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  In the News: Three Degree Programs in Holistic Theology
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Maria Peth
"Always Ask Your Angels"

Recently I met AIHT student Maria Peth for what would be my first angel reading. Maria is a doctoral candidate in metaphysics, and has also completed advanced studies in intuitive wisdom with AIHT alumna and adjunct Sonia Choquette as well as angel therapy training with AIHT curriculum author Doreen Virtue.

To summon the angels we lit a candle, joined hands, and affirmed our intentions through prayer.


Talk about an other worldly experience!

“Great vibes” were to be expected when we heard from my departed mother, whose middle name also became known to Maria. Since mothers always know what the kids are up to, naturally Mom knew my dog’s name—and she even knew that we were currently involved with a fund-raiser! Ending on a symbolic note of motherly concern let me know with even greater clarity that I had certainly heard from my favorite angel.

Maria then helped me connect with three other loved ones, with reassurances that two specific situations were “…correcting, in Divine order.” The truth of their enfoldment now brings joy beyond expression. (And here I should just add that I’ve been delighted about Maria’s fourth and final writerly glimpse, as well.)

Our angel reading ended at precisely 4:44…the repetition of a powerful “angel number” that suggests, according to Doreen Virtue, a deepening connection with the Angelic realm.

This is to say thank you, Maria Peth, “for-for-for” sharing the light of your wisdom. It was a treasure to last a lifetime! With love, mgm

See also www.angelic-enlightenment.com

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