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The Daily Word

Aboriginal – the first of its kind in all lands. Believed to live hand in hand with the Deities.
Absolute – the ultimate reality of the universe, God, Buddha or Christ. The source of all that appears to the senses. The supreme deity from which all proceeds and to which all returns.
Absolute Threshold – the border between physical and spiritual senses. The smallest point where the physical senses detect spiritual sensory stimulus.
Abstract – that which cannot be touched or seen with the physical senses. A quality thought apart from any particular object or thing. Unclear in the physical or psychical realities.

Alternate Spiritual Traditions – A concentration of courses on the various religious paths that are not considered mainstream.

Holistic – including the mind, body and spirit as a whole entity.

Holistic Health and Spiritual Care – A concentration of studies on various complimentary therapies that work with the mind, body and spirit for optimum health.
Holistic Ministries – A concentration of courses relating to the ministry of people in crisis.

Holistic Theology – the study of God from an interfaith perspective including the mind, body and spirit perspective.

Metaphysical Spirituality
– A concentration of philosophy based courses acknowledging that everything is united and one.
Ministry – Any service done in good faith for the betterment of someone else.
Ordination – a recognition for completed religious studies allowing for one to minister to others.

Theology – the study of God.


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